Passion for marketing


I'm passionate about every aspect of marketing. I focus on developing and executing marketing strategies that build brand leadership, fuel strong customer acquisition, and create positive experiences people tell their friends about. I believe marketing is way more than a logo or colors. Marketing is about creating raving fans at every touchpoint. 


Start with who and why


All successful marketing is built around the who and the why. Start with the who. What problems are you solving and who are you solving them for? I develop targeted user and buyer personas to build a strong foundation for the who. Start with the why. Identify the positive impact your product or service has on people's lives. Being able to articulate the why will help you build a strong brand and market position. The core of all marketing campaigns start with the who and why. 



Unleash marketing


Unleash marketers by aligning their skills, talents, and passions. Then, help your marketing team win daily. I believe everybody comes to work to win. To create a culture of winning, I set three to four goals for each team member that are aligned perfectly with the marketing, business, and board goals. Next, I take those goals and break them down into daily goals and measurements so each team member knows if they are winning or losing. Once you have done this, let your team own it. They will let you know if they need help. Unleashed marketers get more done and drive big results.

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Do good, live great™

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Brand development, positioning, messaging, awareness, customer acquisition strategies and frameworks, demand generation campaigns and programs, SEM and SEO strategies, retargeting, partner marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, corporate communications/PR, media relations, industry analyst relations, database/email marketing, product marketing, product management, product lifecycle, competitive intelligence, guerilla marketing.

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Deliver happiness


The best brands in the world have the ability to deliver happiness at every touchpoint of the customer journey. To deliver an awesome experience, it starts with brand and experience alignment across every department in the organization. This is a key strategy to build a brand people love, a brand people tell their friends about.